Talk, Read, Sing

talk-read-singTalking, reading and singing to your baby are the easiest ways to help him or her grow up smarter, happier and with the hope of a brighter future. Astonishingly, 80 percent of a child’s brain is developed by age 3 — and your words are a very influential part of that development.

The all-important words you speak set the foundation for future reading and literacy skills. And those words are a no-cost way to level the playing field between rich and poor. By age 3, the average low-income child has heard roughly 30 million fewer words than his or her more affluent peers. Talking, reading and singing to young children is one of the best ways to erase that difference to help every child reach his or her potential. Words heard in infancy have the power to shape your child’s world and future.

During a child’s first year, the language areas of the brain develop faster than at any other time. Even before babies can form words themselves and talk back, they learn from hearing words spoken or sung to them. Give your child a solid base for the communication skills that will follow. Take advantage of any opportunity to talk, read and sing to your child to teach him or her about language and its connection to the world around us.

Learn more about Talk Read Sing® from the information and resources below. Some materials are intended specifically for parents or early education providers, while some are appropriate in a variety of settings. We will also be updating regularly as new materials and resources become available. We’re here to support you as you join the movement and strive to create the best possible learning environments for our children!


  • Talking is Teaching Community Provider Guide – English


  • Benefits of Being Bilingual – English | Spanish
  • Tips for Infant & Toddler Teachers & Caregivers – English | Spanish
  • Talk Math Activities Sheet – English
  • Playtime Activities Sheet – English
  • Literacy Checklist for the Classroom – English


  • It’s Never Too Early to Help Your Child Learn – Talk, Read, and Sing Together Every Day! – English | Spanish
  • Talking is Teaching Family Guide – English | Spanish
  • Tips for Infant & Toddler Parents – English | Spanish
  • Tips for Using Language at Home and in the Community – English | Spanish
  • Talking is Teaching Storybook – English | Spanish
  • Talking Is Teaching Guide: Let’s Talk About Math – English | Spanish
  • Reading Tips for your Family – English
  • What Children Like in Books – English
  • Helping Your Child Learn to Read – English
  • Early Literacy Skills, Behaviors and Importance – English
  • Literacy Checklist for the Home – English
  • Literacy Checklist for Family Child Care – English
  • What Every Pediatrician Can Do to Promote Early Literacy and Learning Research & Tips – English
  • Potter the Otter Bilingual Book – English


Let’s Talk Posters

  • Make every moment a conversation starter
  • Activity Sheet – English
  • Illustrated – English | Spanish

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